Greenmont’s EasyPushbar™ significantly improves the process of pushing wheelchairs safely in a variety of venues:

  • Hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities and other medical facilities
  • Entertainment venues – Theme parks, resorts, casinos
  • Airports and malls
  • Personal use in homes and for outings

These environments tend to include non-desirable conditions for wheelchair navigation, including steep ramps and inclines, uneven surfaces, soft ground or carpets that can be alleviated through the use of the Greenmont EasyPushbar™.

The ergonomic design of the EasyPushbar™ allows you to place your hands in a variety of comfortable positions to reduce fatigue, pain and the physical stress associated with pushing a wheelchair for an extended period of time. The EasyPushbar™ provides additional comfort by raising the handle up 4” to the approximate height of a standard shopping cart, thus walking in a more upright position.

The Greenmont EasyPushbar™ also allows you to maneuver a wheelchair with just one hand, freeing the other hand to carry bags, additional devices, medicines or liquids, take the hand of a small child or even use your cell phone.

Greenmont’s EasyPushbar™ – Pushing Wheelchairs Made Easy